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Environmental Meteorology


Atmospheric environmental protection not only plays an important role on the global scale taking into consideration the trends of" Global Warming" (remember the European heat wave in 2003! or the draughty supper summer 2018 ), increasing urbanization and growing traffic. Also on the local scale atmospheric environmental protection is necessary, especially in conurbations, where the population is directly affected by  climatic and air pollution effects. These are the reasons why ‘climate’ and ‘air quality’ were established in the European and German environmental legislation as well as in the German planning law as environmentally relevant factors which have to be protected. The very legal requirements force municipal committees as well as operating authorities of industrial plants, needing a licence requirement, to consider interests of climate and air quality because of its intervention into the natural resources.

Therefore, professional investigations and assessments of facts concerning environmental meteorology and air quality are necessary. They can be important on  local and regional scales within the framework of the legal environmental protection, environmentally relevant urban and country planning, and the adaptation to global warming effects.

Due to more than 25 years of our experience and practical knowledge from more than 100 pojects, here you will get complete solutions for questions concerning environmental meteorology and air quality. This includes general consulting with regard to legal environmental protection, measurements and numerical simulations to assess the present and planned state of the planning project as well as the ensuing elaboration of different strategies of action and the supervision of their realization.

Our service offers:

  • Recording and evaluation of the environmental meteorology and air quality situation within the framework of assessments of environmental impacts
  • Recording and evaluation of exchange processes in the boundary layer by country breeze in view of urban ventilation
  • Evaluation of air quality and human-biometeorology with regard to ventilation paths and urban green spaces
  • Construction of climatic and air quality analysis of urban areas and their districts (climatopes) considering environmentally relevant questions for the present and planned state of the planning project
  • Technical realization of climatic and air quality situation for the area-related planning by synthetical climatic functions maps with and planning advice maps
  • Assement of global warmings effects on thermal comfort (heat stress) and flooding in urban qaurters
  • Assessment of facts according to legal or standardized benchmarks (i. e. 2008/50/EC, BImSchV/TA-Luft, VDI)
  • Air quality improvement of street traffic by traffic management
  • Implementation of GIS-based area management systems for objective climatic assessement of development areas for public authorities

We even offer individual solutions for unusual questions. Just consult our office and we will give you a not binding advice.



IR-Thermal map of urban surface temperatures




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